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When it comes to TONE JANŠA, famous Slovenian jazz saxophone and flute musician, all detailed introduction is unnecessary. Here is a little bit of his background. After successful studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston in early 70s, he decided to return home and start one of the most popular jazz quartets - Tone Janša Quartet. Needless to say the Quartet was soon recognized, and very well accepted in jazz scene at that time, and slowly evolving into one of the pillars of European Jazz culture.
Tone Janša Quartet was no stranger at many jazz festivals Europe and all around the World. Even more, releasing many albums, hugely recognizable is probably his collaboration with great American trumpet player Woody Shaw, published by Dutch record label Timeless. All Janša's albums are mostly supported by his longtime jazz musicians and friends, pianist Renato Chicco and drummer Drago Gajo, also known for his famous Jazz Club Gajo, now considered one of the cradles of Slovenian jazz scene, a must see and hear spot in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Place where you jazz.

Tone Janša is not just a jazz player, but composer as well, in his lifetime he wrote, produced and released over 700 songs. Recognizable, unique, and personal approach to his style of improvisation are heard on this new album called LONG WAY - now considered Janša’s trademark. Compositions like Long Way, Po Jezeru and Theoxenia, can immediately tell it’s Janša, expressing his love for music and jazz. Last but not least, Janša completed his groovy rhythm section with "Wonder Boy" bass player Phillipp Zarfl, Austrian native, up and coming new, fresh musician needed to mix old with new styles of jazz.


1. Long way ( T. Janša) (
2. Po jezeru ( arr. T. Janša)
3. Morning light (T. Janša)
4. Theoxenia (T. Janša)
5. Hoax (T. Janša)
6. Cage (T. Janša)
7. Interior sound (T. Janša)
8. Un morseau prive (T. Janša)
9. Ballad of hunch (T. Janša)
10. Maybe (T. Janša)


Renato Chicco – piano
Fillipp Zarfl – b
Drago Gajo – dr (Gretsch, Zildjian, Vic Firth)
Tone Janša – fl, sax