Format: CD

Šifra: 113420

EAN: 3838898113420

On 15 December 1944, a small single-motor aircraft operated by the American Marines crashed into the sea on its way from Great Britain to France. It is not known exactly where or why the accident occurred. On the aircraft was Glenn Miller, the legendary and charismatic orchestra leader who had achieved international fame during his lifetime. Compositions such as Moonlight Serenade, In the Mood, Pennsylvania 6-5000, Little Brown Jug, Chattanooga Choo Choo, American Patrol and others still have a place today on the programmes of countless jazz orchestras, and are genuine jazz classics. In 1979, an LP with the repertoire of the Glenn Miller Orchestra was recorded by the RTV Ljubljana Dance Orchestra, under the leadership of the legendary Jože Privšek, confirming the orchestra’s reputation as one of the most homogeneous and professional big bands in Europe. Today, that orchestra is known as the RTV Slovenia Big Band, and before us is a compact disc that is the creative work of trombonist, conductor, composer and arranger Emil Spruk. He has built upon the original Miller/Privšek basis with a fresh, original approach, reviving Miller’s unforgettable hits by drawing on a range styles, such as reggae, ska, hip hop, jazz funk, jazz rock and samba.

Transl.: Neville Hall


Big Band RTV Slovenija
Conductor: Emil Spruk
Vocal: Nuša Derenda
Back Vocals: Špela Žerjal, Jana Gamser, Samo Kozlevčar, Bojan Bratuž
Trumpets: Matej Rihter, Dominik Krajnčan, Marko Misjak, David Jarh
Trombones: Klemen Repe, Matjaž Mikuletič, Rok Štirn, Matjaž Petrej
/Saxophones: Primož Fleischman, Aleš Suša, Adam Klemm, Miha Hawlina, Blaž Trček
Keyboards: Blaž Jurjevčič
Guitar: Primož Grašič
Bass: Aleš Avbelj
Drums: Aleš Rendla

Recorded: Cankarjev dom, 20.10.2009


1. AMERICAN  PATROL (Frank Meacham / Jerry Gray / Emil Spruk)  3,23
solo: Dominik Krajnčan (tp)
2. A STRING OF PEARLS (Jerry Gray / Simon Gregorčič / Emil Spruk)  4,51
solo: Nuša Derenda (voc), Primož Fleischman (ss) (
3. SERENADE IN BLUE (Harry Warren / Mea Valens / Jože Privšek / Emil Spruk)  8,48
solo: Nuša Derenda (voc), Primož Fleischman (as)
4. LITTLE  BROWN JUG (Joseph Winner / Jože Privšek / Emil Spruk) 4,43
solo: Blaž Trček (bs), Primož Fleischman (as), Dominik Krajnčan (tp)
5. SOLITUDE (Duke Ellington / Jože Privšek / Emil Spruk) 5,45
solo: Primož Grašič (g)
6. AT LAST (Mack Gordon / Harry Warren / Simon Gregorčič / Jože Privšek / Emil Spruk) 7,07
solo: Nuša Derenda (voc), Primož Grašič (g)
7. TUXEDO  JUNCTION (Erskine Hawkins / Jože Privšek / Simon Gregorčič / Emil Spruk) 4,54
solo: Nuša Derenda (voc), Blaž Jurjevčič (key)
8. MOONLIGHT  SERENADE (Glenn Miller / Simon Gregorčič / Jože Privšek / Emil Spruk)7,19
solo: David Jarh (tp), Primož Grašič (g), Primož Fleischman (as)
9. IN THE MOOD (Joe Garland / Simon Gregorčič / Jože Privšek / Emil Spruk)  6,07
solo: Goran Moskovski (perc.), Matej Rihter (tp), Klemen Repe (euf), Aleš Rendla (dr)
10. SUN VALLEY JUMP (Jerry Gray / Jože Privšek / Emil Spruk)  7,53
solo: Blaž Trček (cl), Dominik (tp), Matjaž Mikuletič (trb)
11. PENNSYLVANIA  SIX-FIVE THOUSAND (Jerry Gray / Mea Valens/ Jože Privšek / Emil Spruk) 4,57
Solo: Nuša Derenda (voc), Dominik Krajnčan